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Mr. October Himself

“The only reason I don’t like playing in the World Series is because I can’t watch myself play.” -Reggie Jackson

Kung Fu Panda telling an unlucky fan in the 14th row that he’s coming to get their nachos.

After his game one performance, Pablo Sandoval probably felt this same way.


About wyattsinclair

Wyatt Sinclair is a graduate from Keene State College that received his Bachelor’s in English and Secondary Certification. Not being able to pursue his baseball playing career due to a multitude of different injuries (and probably a lack of talent) Wyatt decided to do the next best thing: obsessively follow baseball and utilize his unique sense of humor to create interesting, yet informative content. Currently living in Colorado, Wyatt is a partial season ticket holder to the Colorado Rockies and is extremely hopeful to see the Giambino managing the Rockies in 2013. Although, he also believes that the Rockies mascot Dinger could have done a better job managing the club.

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